Live Juke Box

The festival reinhören took place in a temporary house in the middle of the chestnut grove of Basel’s Münsterplatz in May 2014.
The two architecture students Stefan Waser and Adrian Beerli designed the pavilion especially for the festival. The architecture was based on historical spatial proportions such as octave, fifth and seventh and on John Cage’s compositional themes of variation and rhythm. The result was an interior landscape that allowed musicians and spectators the greatest possible performative freedom. Every day, different artists performed in the pavilion for eight hours.

Architecture: Stefan Waser and Adrian Beerli
Production: Moni Gelzer and Felicia Meier

May 24 2014 Baumhain Münsterplatz Basel (CH)
The Eunoia Quintet becomes a living juke box. The audience decides what is played, when, how often and what will be the hit of the day.
Live drawing: Pit Wagner

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