Ensemble der Saison

Eunoia Quintett
Ensemble of the season 2013/14 at Gare du Nord Basel (CH)
Six concerts including nine world premieres by Sidney Corbett, Leonardo Idrobo, Kevin Juillerat, Roland Moser, Isabel Mundry, Aziza Sadikova, Mike Svoboda, Balz Trümpy, Ian Wilson

Hassan can watch cancan,
The rebel peddles these theses,
Kingbirds flit in gliding flights,
Homos shoot photos of footlong schlongs,
Such pumps suck up much plus muck.
from: „Eunoia“ by Christian Bök
Toronto: Coach House Books. 2001

The name of the “Eunoia Quintett” was inspired by the book „Eunoia“ by Christian Bök. The same book served as inspiration for the concert series „Ensemble der Saison 2013/2014“ at Gare du Nord.

How can vowels be musically interpreted and represented? What connections are possible?
These where the questions at the core of the conception of the nine premières that “Eunoia Quintett” worked on between October 2013 and June 2014. The concert series is based on six programmatic concerts. Established and young, national and international composers were commissioned to create pieces for the specific quintet formation. Each composer was given the task to musically explore on of the vowels E-U-O-I-A. This originated in one concert per vowel. At the end of the series all vowels where combined into one epilogue concert.

Eunoia Quintett:
Johanna Greulich – Soprano
Stephen Menotti – Trombone
Ellen Fallowfield – Cello
Clemens Hund-Göschel – Piano
Louisa Marxen – Percusssion

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